What does PFP mean? Tips to make your own

‘PFP’ has become a popular diminutive in digital culture, it stands for ‘profile por ‘picic’, ‘picture for profile’ ture for proof’. As profile pictures are the welcoming card to your online platforms, lots of users search for PFPs that stand out from the rest and are unique.

These are shoulder-length generative artworks, in other words, they all have a similar aesthetic, it might be faces of cats, apes, robots, among others, but each one has certain features and unique traits (hair, accessories, outfits, etc.) to reflect the distinction of the owner. 

In the crypto world, PFP has become not only a unique artwork to showcase in your social media but a valuable asset for investors. This is because PFP are considered NFTs attached to particular blockchains and that it can be exchanged for cryptocurrency. The higher its rarity, the more valuable it becomes. 

Also, owning an PFP as NFTs can bring some ‘extra benefits’ because you become part of an exclusive community that offers certain benefits like being part of future multimedia projects, having access to virtual clubhouses, etc. 

How to make a PFP? Top tips

If you’re thinking about creating your own PFP collection, there are some things that must be considered.

  1. Define the concept and your Unique Selling Point (USP): Providing a creative concept with originality is what will make the difference. You will make your PFP stand out from the rest. Make it simple but clear. 
  2. Choose the platform: There are marketplaces where you can buy, sell and mint NFT digital collectibles. For instance, there is OpenSea, using Ethereum and Polygon blockchains; and Rarible, using Ethereum, Flow and Tezos blockchain. 
  3. Start building your community: This means being active on Twitter, using Discord and making use of all the communication channels possible. This allows you to build strong relationships with users so they can become evangelists of your project. 
  4. Invest in knowledge: Knowledge is power so invest in new technologies or knowledge as needed so you become an expert and be competitive in the market. 

How to validate a NFT PFP?

Another concern is about validating a NFT Picture for Proof. For that, there are some things to take into consideration, such as the following:

  • Get informed through the community: As mentioned before, owning a NFT PFP also means being part of a community so, ¿Who are better informants than them? Check their activity and pay attention to their legitness.
  • Formulate the question ‘How liquid is it?’: In the crypto world, ‘liquidity’ is all about how easy a token can be converted into cash or swapped to other tokens, the easier it is, more liquidity offers. 
  • What about the trades?: The volume of the trades are also important as it indicates there is interest on the token and its overall activity. Therefore, a high volume is a positive indicator.
  • Look into the owners of the NFT PFP: There are more possibilities of becoming a significant wealth creator if there are a large number of owners.

Examples of PFP NFT projects      

There are popular pfp that need to be in your radar if you are looking into NFT projects. For example: 


Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC): Founded in 2021, it involves the collection of ape faces and it is worth millions of dollars each. The reason why it is the main NFT choice by celebrities. 

 Pudgy Penguins: Founded in 2021, they are one of the most popular NFTs because they are CUTE. It is worth 45,400 ETH in sales.

CryptoPunks: Founded in 2017, this project has a collection of 10,000 pfp representing ‘punks’ that are pixelated. They are popular because they are considered the OGs of the NFTs. 

Cool Cats: Founded in 2021, it is one of the NFT hits and one of the most beloved collections. It represents cats in 2D with different traits. Its popularity allowed this NFT to gain important partnerships with the TIME magazine and GHXSTS. 

Do you find these PFP NFT projects interesting? There are lots in the markets. Here you can find more if you want to dive more into them.