NFT gaming: A key profitable opportunity for gamers

The game industry has been experiencing important advancements, especially with the appliance of Blockchain technology on NFT video games. This is a more exciting, profitable, and innovative way for gamers to earn money. A different gaming experience that arrived to stay and revolutionize the traditional way of playing.

In order to measure this opportunity, looking at the numbers, the NFT Game’s market size is expected to reach USD 3618.4 million by 2028. Last year, in 2021, it obtained a total of USD 755 million.

Therefore, it is prudent to consider this opportunity. This is why in this article, you will learn about what NFT gaming is about in more detail, and what are the non-fungible tokens on these innovative games. We will tell you what are the specific benefits gamers can get, and some examples of NFT games you can consider for playing to earn money.

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NFT gaming meaning

Traditionally, players would play to get items or rewards when completing tasks, winning battles, or ascending to a new level. However, these prizes were given to gamers to use inside the game. This is where NFT gaming come into the picture.

NFT gaming is about earning while playing under a play-to-earn model. Players can use these NFT collectibles and digital assets, exchange them with cryptocurrency, and make money in the real world. 

For example, let’s say you are interested in a weapon for your character in the game. This weapon is unique, but you only can get it if it is for sale. You can make an exact copy, but the value will be decreased as it is not the original. This is where the value of the NFT takes form, as there will be people ready to pay an amount of money to get them.

This is why, through NFT gaming, rewards are no longer considered ‘competitive’ but ‘profitable financially’.

Non-fungible tokens (games): What are they?

In video games, NFT or non-fungible tokens are in-game digital assets that are unique and valuable. These could be avatars, characters, weapons, abilities, etc.

Players can own these NFTs while playing and sell them if these game items become more valuable or reach rarity.

It must be noticed that these NFTs in games can only be owned by a single player because they are registered as unique digital assets. Each NFT has a unique cryptographic token and metadata that cannot be changed on the blockchain. It is like a certificate of authenticity indicating the history of the NFT, what it represents, and its transaction record.

This authenticity and rarity of the digital item make it valuable in the blockchain NFT marketplace, where it can be sold.

However, unlike cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC), these gaming NFTs cannot be exchanged with others because each one of them is unique. Nevertheless, they can be sold for cryptocurrencies, allowing players to earn money

Take in mind that these digital assets in the blockchain games are based on the standards of the Ethereum blockchain. The reason why it is relevant to know about what these Ethereum blockchain standards are all about. 

Gamers NFT: What are the benefits for the players?

The introduction and implementation of NFT gaming into the game industry brought some benefits to players. Compared to the traditional video games we have all been familiar with, the NFT games can offer the following advantages:  

  • Earning while playing the game

This is the main benefit, NFT players can have control over their digital assets, and sell them for cryptocurrency when convenient. Start now to earn other digital collectibles and build a regular source of income through these game assets!

  • The transparency that the blockchain network offers

The technology of Blockchain is built, so there are fewer threats caused by human interference, a platform that is decentralized, transparent, and immutable. This is why it helps players to make secured and authentic digital transactions, safeguarding the rarity and uniqueness of NFTs, which in turn leads to increasing their value. 

  • Gamers have a safety shield

NFT games provide gamers a secure and reliable environment as they are built on the sophisticated technology of blockchain.

  • Profitable profession

The NFT gaming market potential is there, some gamers could try it and use these NFT games as a hobby, while others can turn it into a real profession. At the end of the day, the NFT play-to-earn market size will grow exponentially over the years. Being able to take advantage of this profitable opportunity now, will bring more benefits in the future. 

NFT Games: Upcoming gaming NFT projects

The number of play-to-earn games offered on the market is increasing. The most popular NFT projects on the gaming market are Axie Infinity. A game based on battles where cute monsters are pitted against each other, and Gods Unchained. Which is based on trading virtual and unique cards between players.

In Games for a Living, we also developed our own NFT video games. Each one with a unique and interesting virtual world. For instance, if you like the world of battles and heroes with special powers, you can check Elemental Raiders. If you are more interested in crafting and selling unique NFT jewels with rare gems you collect from exotic virtual locations, you can play Diamond Dreams

Take advantage of the benefits that NFT crypto games offer to players. Do what you love, play, have fun, and dive into different metaverses depending on your preferences. However, you can do this while making money and building your NFT investments, which will bring you benefits over the years. 

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