What is a POAP? Its importance in Ethereum!

Have you ever wondered what a POAP is? In this post, we will explain what it is. For some time, many people have kept entrance tickets, as proof of their attendance at the various events they attended. 

These tickets are often collected, as they serve as a reminder of lived experiences and prove that the person was there. 

Nowadays, events are held in the digital world, thanks to blockchain technology and the arrival of metaverses.  But it is still possible to keep proof of attendance at them. That’s the function of POAPs within the Ethereum blockchain. 


Meaning of POAP

The term POAP  means Proof of Attendance Protocol.  It is an ERC721 token that serves as a digital certificate awarded to attendees of blockchain events in their Ethereum wallet.

Each POAP is unique since each event has its design, just as it happens with the pins of events in the physical world. POAPs can only be obtained by attending events. This fact makes them a very interesting collectible of the Ethereum network.

If we talk about their importance, with the arrival of the metaverse and the growing number of events developed in them, POAP has become important as they are increasingly used.

A POAP doesn’t just serve as digital proof of your attendance at a certain event within the metaverse. Their use goes much further, as they can be used to introduce yourself in virtual environments. It could be used to differentiate fans from artists, have access to exclusive content, etc.

Another use that could be given is as a digital certificate. It can be granted by institutions as proof of approval of courses and workshops, becoming an NFT diploma.

The possibilities are endless, as POAPs become popular, new use cases for these simple but eye-catching collectibles will certainly appear.

How do I claim a POAP NFT badge?

The only way to get one is by attending the events that offer them. Keep in mind that these events can take place in both the physical and digital worlds, specifically those held on the metaverse.

Once at the event, the organizers will deliver attendees various means to claim them, these can be:

  • A QR code to scan
  • A web address to visit
  • A button to “claim” directly on the event page, etc.

You must provide an address or Ethereum Wallet such as Metamask since when claiming your POAP it will be minted and sent to that address. Thus, you will have absolute control over all the collectibles you claim, as they’ll be hosted on the blockchain.

To be able to see your collection, there are mobile apps that work as specialized wallets such as POAP App, an application that lets you see your collectibles, as well as lie them, share them on social networks, explore other collections, etc.

You don’t have a crypto wallet yet? Read our article about how to set up a crypto wallet step by step. 

Why should I collect POAP NFT badges?

Collecting POAPs can be a very entertaining activity. These collections usually have some sentimental value for their owners, as they serve as a reminder of experiences lived in events of the past.

Nevertheless, these collectibles can be of great value depending on the event to which they belong. Imagine, for example, how valuable a POAP belonging to a large concert could be in a few years, if there were few copies of that event, any collector would want to have it!

On the other hand, artists can identify their most loyal followers depending on the POAP they have from their concerts. In this way, they can reward their loyalty with exclusive tickets, special collectibles, access to unpublished content, etc.

Like a physical collection, a POAP collection will always have a specific value and importance for each owner, as it will be the new way to collect memories of interest thanks to the use of blockchain technology and NFTs.