Upcoming Web3 games in 2023 that you should know

2022 has been a significant year for development, investment, and growth in web3 gaming. Today we’ll see an overview of the main Web3 games that are ready to continue growing along 2023.

Web3 games: what are they all about?

But before going through the best Web3 games ranking, let’s briefly review the concept of Web3 gaming.

Web3-based games provide players a fresh viewpoint on gaming through decentralized methods. Customers’ ownership of the game’s assets will take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). As a result, players in the decentralized web3 game environment have total ownership over their assets.

Ownership, transparency, old games integration or absolute control by the gamer are just some of the main benefits of these news generation games. 

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Best Web3 games coming up this year (2023)

After a time of controversy, video game developers have come to the conclusion that blockchain-based gaming is the future, so they have continued creating brand-new games using this technology or even updating versions of some of their most recognizable games.

According to experts, by the end of 2023, the Web3 gaming market is expected to have surpassed $200 billion. For this reason, major game creators are interested in entering the blockchain gaming business.

These are some of the most popular Web3 games that will be coming up this year 2023.

Elemental Raiders

Elemental Raiders is a Free-to-Play turn-based RPG built on blockchain technology already available on Steam and Windows but within the next few months will be available also on more platforms such as Mobile, PS5, XBOX and more.

The goal of the game is to provide players with an intensely competitive and high-quality gaming experience as well as a fun and simple method of increasing their fortune. Additionally, it has the advantage of rewarding players that interact with the various game elements with tokens and NFTs. 

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Diamond Dreams

In the match-3 clicker game Diamond Dreams, players construct and gather expensive jewels in NFT format. Diamond Dreams aims to establish itself as the casual gamer’s entry point into the blockchain with it’s straightforward yet enjoyable gameplay and breathtaking graphics created by experts with knowledge of fine jewelry. 

If you want to be up to date with the latest news and the release of Diamond Dreams, have a look at its roadmap.

Alien worlds

Alien Worlds is another game based on blockchain technology, which rewards its players with Trillium, the TLM token. 

The player takes the role of a space explorer. Equipped with a set of three mining tools, he can choose a planet to explore and mine for Trillium which will give the chance of upgrading characters, participate in game events or get tools, avatars and even lands.


Illuvium is an RPG where the player starts the game on a crashed spacecraft landed on a remote planet where some mysterious creatures live. They are called Illuvials and they represent non-fungible tokens (NFT) that players can capture. The player can buy, sell, and trade their Illuvials, developing their best strategy to survive. As the co-founder of the project, Kiernan Warwick, says about this web3 game “we are in front of an exciting new game that pushes skill and strategy to the absolute limits of the most engaging playability”.


In Treeverse the player ventures into an epic journey to explore the mythical kingdom of Arboros. To level up, the quests must be completed after fighting against a wide range of enemies. The player will be able to build his own personalized farm where he can gather the acquired resources as well as trade with other players.

Big Time

Space adventures in real time for this web3 game. BigTime is a RPG action game in which the player has the opportunity to connect and join different teams made up of 6 players. The key: hunting down the monsters found in the different worlds and keeping the rewards that they will drop.

A game developed for players with no blockchain experience, designed to be understood by anyone who has never had any experience in blockchain gaming.


This project has been growing over the last few years, positioning itself in the field of Play to earn Web3 games. 

Calvaria is a card game that pits players against each other using cards that represent different characters, each one with their own abilities. The goal of each player is to beat their opponents using their own strategies in order to earn rewards.

Battle Infinity

The new Fantasy Sports P2E game, intended primarily for sport fans, allows them to go one step further in their passion for sports. This play to earn Web3 game combines efficiently gaming, cryptocurrency and sports.

Inspired by a game model that improves the dynamics of Axie Infinity, Battle Infinity offers great doses of entertainment combined with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. A great gaming experience.

Farmers World

An agricultural town is being born in the middle of the Amazon. A boat arrives from Europe and each of the settlers will have to generate their own survival resources. Players will need to perform farming, mining, breeding, building and hunting activities within the game. Each of those activities will give them the possibility of generating income. The player will obtain an economic benefit for the playing time dedicated. The goal of the game: to get all three types of resources, food, wood and gold Token.

A P2E game of great acceptance, since its launch in 2021, its popularity has not stopped growing.


Collectible card game with an excellent graphical interface, in which cards can be traded or sold as if they were physical goods.

Create the best deck of cards that allows you to battle your opponents to win. Ready for the challenge? Choose your cards, Summoners or Units, and get ready. Every battle is a unique challenge in this Web3 crypto game.