Seedify Partnership

Seedify Partnership

If you are part of the Games for a Living community, you will know how important it is for us to continuously improve and grow as a team, brand, and community. If you didn’t know — now you do! With this in mind, we are ecstatic to officially announce our partnership with industry leader Seedify.

About Seedify

Helping provide startups in the blockchain gaming space with a range of resources to help them get on their feet, Seedify is a community-focused blockchain gaming, metaverse and NFT launchpad & incubator helping projects in the Web2 and Web3 space to scale them through IGOs (Initial Game Offering) and INOs (Initial NFT offering), developmental feedback, fundraising, marketing and more.

Taking it back a notch, Seedify went live in 2021 after founder Levent Cem Aydan found the process of startup funding to be unfair — where most funds raised for startups would end up in the hands of the equity firms, leaving little funds to the startups themselves. And so — Seedify was born. In fact, Seedify itself stayed away from equity-based funding and managed to raise its own funds through their massive $SFUND airdrop. When the $SFUND was originally listed, it proved to be the highest-performing free token distribution of 2021, with initial airdrops seeing a massive gain and a $350 Million market cap at the 2021 ATH. Not only did this airdrop bring great success to starting up the brand, but also welcomed a great number of community members into the space to access their utilities. The passion for helping startups to receive fair and honest funding, as well as the tools needed to grow and be recognized, is at the core of what they do.

The Ins and Outs of the Seedify Ecosystem

Seedify have solidified their position in the industry with its well-experienced model that covers a number of aspects in the world of Web3 and blockchain. Features of the Seedify ecosystem include funding pools, incubators, community involvement programs and rewards, staking, launchpads, yield farming and Solution Partners Program, all found on a simple-to-use dashboard. Having dipped their toes in so many different blockchain aspects, Seedify has attracted a long list of entrepreneurs, innovators, project teams, token holders, stakers, community members, treasury resources and blockchain ecosystem products & services. Considering their wide reach across the industry, Seedify is the perfect partner to help scale Games for a Living.

Tell Me More…

Some of the concepts above might be foreign to our readers, so let’s jump into a few of them together.


Inflationary methods are most common when it comes to staking on blockchain projects. With Seedify, staking takes on a new method. In their incubation and seed funding mechanism, the token supply of the platform does not increase through staking rewards, but rather through rewarding tokens from projects that were incubated through the decentralized selection process.

Seedify Launchpad

One of the most exciting aspects of Seedify, is the Seedify IGO and INO launchpad. The two steps that lead up to this include seed funding and incubation — the process of projects getting their initial funding, followed by them getting stronger through multiple community-driven support systems. However, projects that wish to skip the first two steps and jump right into the launchpad process are able to do so too. Having seen great success with their launchpad campaigns, the Games for a Living team are certain that this partnership will add immense value and lead to success with our first game offering on the Seedify IGO launchpad which will take place at the end of November.

Exciting Times Ahead

Teaming up with Seedify is truly the next step to pushing the adoption of blockchain gaming into the online space. Leading up to our launch on the Seedify launchpad in November, Seedify will be helping us with not only funding but also the full marketing spectrum of launching all of the future Games for a Living projects to come (subject to Seedify’s due diligence processes). We have no doubt that with Seedify’s values, team and prior success — this partnership will be one for the books.