Samsung’s Galaxy Store Launch

We are delighted to share that Games for a Living’s hit game, Elemental Raiders, is now available on the Samsung Galaxy Store for smartphone and tablet users worldwide. This latest addition to our game’s availability follows its successful launches on the Steam marketplace, game launchers, and soon to come play-and-earn mechanisms.

Elemental Raiders is already available on Steam without blockchain or play-and-earn features. Now, Samsung Galaxy Store users can enjoy the game’s concept and mechanics on their devices. The store boasts over 400 million global active users per month and is the perfect platform to bring our game to an even wider audience.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Store version of Elemental Raiders will not feature on-chain, play and earn, or blockchain elements, we are confident that it will still deliver a thrilling gaming experience. The game will follow the same concept and mechanics as its Steam marketplace launch in Q4 2022. The official launch is set for Thursday, March 16th, 2023.

Games for a Living co-founder Manel Sort commented on the milestone of having Elemental Raiders added to the Samsung Galaxy Store. He said, “This is yet another milestone for our company and another step towards the mass adoption of blockchain-built, capable games. We’ve been thrilled with the success of Elemental Raiders thus far, and the addition of our game on the Galaxy Store serves our vision of gaining mass adoption within the Web3 gaming ecosystem.”

Download the game now in the Samsung Galaxy Store.