Trip Hawkins joins the team

William Murray “Trip” Hawkins III, founder and first CEO of Electronic Arts has become the latest Web2 behemoth to join the World of Web3, signing as Chief Strategy Officer for Games for a Living. The appointment of Mr Hawkins to the board and as CSO aims to provide valuable leadership and additional support to Games for a Living on their journey to mass adoption, with his wealth of global experience and market penetration strategies.

“I’m excited to begin my journey with Games for a Living, leveraging new and emerging technologies to enhance performance and create exciting, immersive experiences for gamers”, Hawkins said. “I’m confident that blockchain, combined with our vision can create a new gaming paradigm for the benefit of all”. As Chief Strategy Officer, Trip expects content creators to increasingly use blockchain technology, adding, “We plan to do it in a way that helps enhance game performance and value for players while keeping things fun”.

Mr Hawkins holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford, both earned with high honors. Before founding and leading Electronic Arts to its IPO, he worked closely with Steve Jobs to design and develop the fundamental methods by which the public would come to adopt the use of computers and the video games that followed.

Hawkins and Games for a Living CEO, Manel Sort, worked together previously at Digital Chocolate. “We’re very excited to have Trip join the Games for a Living family as our Chief Strategy Officer,” said Sort. “Trip is the father of modern video game publishing and one of the best visionaries in the games industry, to the extent that he was already talking about NFTs back in 2007 when I first met him. We’re honored to have him on board to guide our strategy going forward, which I am sure will be a huge boost to our business and the future of blockchain gaming.”

The interjection of Web3 and blockchain technology with gaming is an area that remains to have a lot of grey and undiscovered lines. The key solution is and always has been to add value and improvements to existing gaming models and make them better, rather than implementing a completely new structure of gaming ecosystems. With Trip Hawkins’ entry into the blockchain array to help solve this issue the Web3 gaming space stands a better chance of achieving this solution.

“Regardless of the recent birthing pains, blockchain as a technology holds a lot of potentials, enabling enhanced experiences, verifiable proof of ownership and asset trading, as well as creating new opportunities for social interaction and innovative business models. We want to capitalize on that, not necessarily by forcing conventional gamers to hop on to the Web3 express, but by adding value to the gaming models that already exist”, Hawkins said.

Games for a Living welcomes our new CSO with open arms and we are excited to birth the new future of Web3 gaming with Trip as an integral part of our leadership.