Partnership with IndiGG to expand in the Indian Subcontinent

IndiGG Partnership

Partnerships and community growth are one of the core foundations at Games for a Living. We’re excited to have partnered with Indi-GG, a subDAO of Yield Guild Games, focused on the Indian subcontinent!
With industry veterans at the forefront of Games for a Living such as Manel Sort and co; the team is dedicated to reaching new markets, and expanding into broader horizons. Games for a Living is thrilled to have partnered with IndiGG in order to make sure that their community predominantly based out of India gets the maximum access and gateway into Games for a Living’s upcoming games including Elemental Raiders. This partnership also means that both IndiGG and Games for a Living will be part of several co-marketing efforts in order to reach the broader community about Elemental Raiders as well as the benefits of Web3 games in general.

What does this mean for Games for a Living and Elemental Raiders?

Along with YGG, Path DAO, Avocado DAO, unix gaming as well as Blockchain space so far, we will extend our free-to-play and play-to-earn resources towards the IndiGG community and towards gamers within the Indian subcontinent alike, through IndiGG. But if that isn’t enough, we will also provide IndiGG with a range of NFT chests which their community can use to play games within Elemental Raiders, and win $GGT tokens, merch, as well as rare skins and more! 

We will distribute 250 NFT Chests to the IndiGG community! Within these chests hold rare and unique, custom made IndiGG in-game skins, as well as 5 arena tickets for users to play Elemental Raiders on main-net launch, and start earning $GGT tokens. 

Currently, our game is in beta stage (as most of you know by now), and we’re happy to welcome the IndiGG community at large to test it out for free! 

How does the IndiGG community benefit from this partnership?

Abhishek Anand, Head of Partnerships at IndiGG said, “We’ve seen how quickly gaming as an industry has grown in this region over the last few years – and it only makes sense for western game studios to supercharge and create distribution strategies in the Indian subcontinent. As IndiGG, we’re excited to be able to facilitate our community with the right quality of games not just for their excellent gameplay, but also for potential revenue opportunities. It empowers gaming at its core, as Elemental Raiders makes Web3 gaming easier. We’re excited to collaborate with Games for a Living” 

  • IndiGG will be allocated a number of chests by Games for a Living, each containing 3 unique IndiGG skins (common, rare, epic). 
  • These chests will enable players to earn “play-and-earn” status accounts within the Elemental Raiders game with 5 arena tickets. 
  • Along with the unique and custom skins, IndiGG community and the Indian Web3 community at large will get the chance to participate in the PvP or PvE tournaments, with lots of revenue opportunities. 

“There is an exodus of games going from Web2 to Web3 – which shows us the future that industry leaders have realised. With the obvious benefits, we want to drive seamless adoption of Web3 and capitalise on the Indian gaming market. To accomplish this, we’ve collaborated with IndiGG who will help us with the market penetration strategies necessary to onboard the 400M+ gamers alike!” adds Adria Mir, Gaming and Blockchain expert at Games for a Living.  

About Games for a Living

Games for a Living is a blockchain gaming platform created by a team of seasoned experts within the gaming industry. The ecosystem consists of a game development engine, launchpad, software development kit, full-stack exchange with an integrated wallet and a broker as well as its very own $GGT token which serves as an underlying token across its games. With over 5000+ requests and 1000+ open beta testers, Elemental Raiders, the first game under our Network.