How to play metaverse games? The new way of playing games

The combination of virtual gaming and blockchain technology has become an exciting choice for gamers. Allocating ownership of in-game digital assets to players is allowing the expansion of the gaming universe, an alternative experience to the traditional games and real-world economies. 

In this article, you will learn more about the metaverse games, what things you must consider before being part of a new game and metaverse as well as a list of the top 5 blockchain metaverse games you can consider playing to gain money. 

What is a metaverse game?

First, you must learn that a metaverse is a digital, virtual, and extended reality that allows users to play and even work virtually. In other words, it is a virtual version of the real-world reality we live in. 

Metaverses are constructed by different apps and games that make it possible for users to be part of an online community. Having this in mind, it could be said that metaverse games are a new way to interact, stream and play video games. Additionally, unlike traditional video games, metaverse games happen ‘’live’’ and people are represented by avatars.

Play-to-earn games

The world of crypto games is growing exponentially and new opportunities for gamers, game developers, and entrepreneurs are fast approaching. This is the reason why it is not a surprise that another important feature of the metaverse is the integration of blockchain technology and NFTs into their games. 

On these blockchain games also known as play-to-earn games, players can generate their own NFTS, trade Non-Fungible Tokens with other players, and generate real money while playing. This financial involvement makes play-to-earn games have a prominent role and value in the metaverse.


How to play metaverse games?

Metaverse games can use different technologies meaning that there are also different ways to have access to them. However, there exist some ‘’basic’’ tools and considerations that you must follow in order to be able to play even the simplest metaverse game.

So, how to play metaverse games? Go through each point of the list below to know the basic requirements to play them.  

  • Internet connection

One of the main characteristics of the metaverse is that it requires users to be always online while there. Therefore, it makes sense that you ensure that your Internet connection is reliable and fast to get the best experience. Check your current internet out and make the necessary adjustments if needed.  

  • Glasses and controls

The best tools you can use to get the whole experience of the metaverse are using a VR headset and controls. It must be emphasized that not all games are going to support the same VR sets. Thus, you must get informed about what glasses and controls are supported on each metaverse game you would like to be part of. Nevertheless, one of the best headsets and controls you can consider is the Oculus Quest 2. These are one of the best in the market and are made by Facebook. 

  • A mobile device or PC equipment

Alternatively to the VR glasses and controls, you can also get access to the metaverse using a mobile, a mid-tier PC, or a tablet device. Due to the rapid growth of metaverse games and blockchain technology, new updates have been taking place on different devices to allow a more immersive gaming experience. For instance, recently there has been the announcement of the launch of new Chromebooks that are ideal for gaming.

  • Avatar

As mentioned before, players of the metaverse will need to create an avatar in order to be able to interact with other players. The avatar chosen can be modified to your liking and preferences. Therefore, make sure your avatar has the best representation of you.

  • Obtain a blockchain wallet

If you are interested in gaining real money while playing a blockchain-based metaverse game, then having a blockchain wallet is a must. Setting up a wallet if you do not have one already will allow you to manage your cryptocurrencies and exchange digital assets with other players. It must be also pointed out that the preferred crypto wallet will depend on the crypto game chosen. This is why you will need to collect information about it so you will not miss any monetary opportunities that these metaverse games offer their players.


How to play metaverse games? The Top 5 Blockchain metaverse games to play

If you are into virtual worlds, augmented reality, and earning while playing it is time to play blockchain metaverse games. On the following list, you will find some of the top crypto games to play in metaverses.

  • Elemental Raiders

Elemental Riders is a game made by Games for a Living based on a turn-based RPG. On this metaverse, players will build a team of heroes and use their abilities in a thrilling turn-based PvP match. Players can get rewards, tokens, and glory while battling their way to the top. In this metaverse game, players can collect, upgrade and trade NFTs on the marketplace for a profit. 

  • Diamond Dreams

Another game created by Games for a Living is where players can travel virtually to exotic and glamorous locations to find rare gems, from Egypt to New York. Once they find and collect exquisite gems, players can craft NFT jewels based on the gems collected on their travels and sell them on the NFT marketplace. A game ideal for gamers with an adventurous spirit and a creative side. This game will be released in early 2023. 

  • Axie Infinity

This is an NFT-based video game where players will have to battle, build and hunt for treasures. Players will use ‘’Axies’’ in their battles, adorable creatures inspired by the Pokémon series. The in-game items are represented by NFTs meaning that people can trade their Axies to the NFT marketplace and get money. 

  • The sandbox

This game allows players to model objects and avatars in 3D and sell their works in the NFT marketplace. Players can also build, rent or sell lands, virtual houses, commercial buildings, etc. for profit.

  • Blankos Block Party

This is an NFT game where players can race against each other, dance at block parties, or trade their 3D characters called ‘’Blankos’’ in the NFT marketplace for money.

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