How to earn cryptocurrencies without investment

When we look at the crypto market, the question arises of how to earn cryptocurrencies without investment.

There is no doubt that there are mechanisms to earn free crypto, different from obtaining them without any effort. You will have to complete some tasks so stay attentive, without great sacrifices you could earn money.

A big part of the offers you see on the Internet, ask you to do some work. You can also win them, with video games, or by doing something fun. Let’s see some of those possibilities.

Top legit ways to earn free cryptocurrency daily


Certainly, the best way to earn cryptocurrencies without investment is to mine them for yourself. You must repeat an algorithmic procedure of complex calculations in the computer so that they are solved, recognizing cryptocurrencies when you create a new token or currency. You should consider two important elements:

  • The  processing power of your PC, and 
  • The cost of the electricity bill. 

Mining cryptos requires well-configured PCs, with high-cost graphics cards and operating at maximum performance. Although it will not be much use, because cryptominers already use amounts of interconnected cards that work in parallel, even with a simple PC, it will be quite complicated.

Having the best and most powerful graphics cards, you would barely cover the electricity consumption required by crypto mining, in addition to the expense of hardware. But if you want to try, simply visit the page of the crypto to process, download the mining program and install it on the selected device. 

You should leave it on 24/7/365, that is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and good luck.  You can practice this activity “alone”, with one or more “miners” or join an existing mining pool on the Internet.


Faucet is a site that helps earn cryptocurrencies without investment, in exchange you must carry out some tasks. They call it “tap” because it lives dripping cryptos, which it delivers with a certain regularity, and there are several formats:

  • Some of them deliver cryptocurrencies through a certain lottery where you participate with some tickets, some of them are free, and others you must buy them. You use fiat money for this and you can also complete easy tasks: watch an ad, play a video, go to a Web or open an account in an App.
  • Other “taps” pay you directly with cryptocurrencies, after you have completed some tasks but longer: watch extensive videos, complete surveys, read ads, spend some time looking at a certain Web, evaluate certain products, etc.

At this point, we must warn: faucets or “taps” are a way of scams or services that do not pay or simply disappear. They are used by hackers to attract people and steal their account information, passwords, etc., that’s why you should use only reputable faucets.

These sites usually make their payments with satoshis, “the cents” of Bitcoin. Consider that a Bitcoin has a hundred million “cents” satoshis, so if you want to earn cryptocurrencies without investment, you can start with this option. We mention several of the  most popular “taps”:

  • Cointiply
  • FaucetCrypto
  • Freebitcoin
  • Coinbase Earn
  • Airdrops

Always remember that while technology advances by leaps and bounds, there is NO guarantee, and being alert is something that never fails.

Entertaining yourself with video games

Winning cryptocurrencies without investment is a fact with video games, of which some of them have implemented NFT technology. These video games have their own crypto, some of them free, and you will win their crypto playing it, where you must meet some objectives, then you can change that into crypto.

Many NFT video games will require the purchase of an object or card with NFT format, some unique and certified by the blockchain of a cryptocurrency. It’s usually a character, a tool, a weapon, or something else that you can improve, and sell it for a higher price. Among the most popular NFT video games are:

  • Elemental Raiders:

With Elemental Raiders, our first NFT video game, you can build a team of heroes, and outsmart other players in a thrilling turn-based PvP match. You can battle your way to the top of the league to compete for glory, rewards, and tokens!

  • Axie Infinity:

Breed monsters, give them some “added features” and take them to battles, where you can earn your  SLP token, but you can also sell those monsters.

  • Plants Vs Undead:

The idea is to protect your plants and the “father tree”, cultivate them, improve them, scare away the pests and beat those zombies that make up an army from a meteorite that crashes against the planet.

  • Thetan Arena:

A MOBA-type video game where you collect rewards, reuse things, and level up, obtaining crypto graphs to exchange them for others of greater value.

  • Sorare:

A video game where you buy, exchange and play with digital cards of football players and their teams; build the team of your dreams and take it to competitions.

Write, communicate and make it public

If you are someone whose inspiration is writing, you give workshops or you have the pleasure of posting on some topic, you can earn cryptocurrencies without investment. Some services publish your inspirations or discuss specific topics, where you would publish cryptocurrencies depending on the comments received. Let’s see some of them.

  • Publish0x:

 A service that pays in crypto, if you publish events or novelties, where the main topic is cryptocurrencies.

  • Revain:

 The Revain service gives away bitcoins if you write reviews, vague advice, and discover consumer items.

  • Steemit:

It’s the kind of social network similar to Meta, where they talk about everything, and in the end, the get-to-do commentaries become Steemint. You can also earn this currency if you attend online workshops, many participants are from Asia, but there are chats in several languages.

Create and sell your NFTs

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token, a unique crypto asset, a simple contentious file of something, a piece of video. It could be a musical piece, a tweet, something digitized that can be converted to NFT, and a lot of people are “living on it.”

Why is it unique?

It’s something exclusive, like buying a Picasso painting in an art gallery, because NFT is synonymous with revolution. Then, arts and collectors have a market full of digital drawings, graphics, and memes, because they can become an exclusive NFT.

This digitization and subsequent tokenization can acquire a value similar to that of a drawing or an oil painting in physics, paying millions for an NFT. By some famous meme or a tweet, people become millionaires with the vein of their artistic creations, it is not known how much, but they pay exorbitant amounts.

Seize the moment

Certainly, it is crazy the tokenization of objects, which borders on the absurd, where many are taking advantage to earn cryptocurrencies without investment, selling their NFTs. If you have an object that could be digitized, take a photo, pass it through a scanner, and sell your NFT through OpenSea, something similar to eBay.

You will have to invest some money to offer your NFTs for sale, but when you sell them, you will receive cryptos, generically Ethereum, redeemable for Bitcoin or fiat currency. Keep in mind that, depending on where you live, you must declare the corresponding taxes.

Tips to consider if you want to earn cryptocurrencies without investment

First of all, you should consider that earning cryptocurrencies without investment is a way to scam those who are trying to earn cryptocurrencies this way. Here are some tips:

  • DO NOT use any search engine or social networks with phrases such as “free cryptos” or “Bitcoin on free offer”.
  • In the WhatsApp application, messages circulate to take you to a safe scam, take care of yourself!
  • Websites or videos on YouTube talk about free cryptocurrencies, but it is a trap, you subscribe and a seller appears or they end up installing a virus on the devices you use.
  • You should not trust those who “give away cryptocurrencies”. Find out well, demand references, and verify them. There are many experiences on the Internet of people who have been scammed.

There are infinite ways of earning cryptocurrencies without investment, you just have to check very well before joining any Website.  We will not get tired of repeating that there are also many scammers waiting for their unsuspecting victims, so beware of scams!