How to code a game: Best tips and practices for coding

We tend to pay attention to the aesthetic and visual elements of a video game. However, behind it, some codes allow them to be running on your computer or video console. For this software development, there are needed programming languages that are responsible for the gaming experience of users. Therefore, to ensure they have a smooth and seamless experience, it is important to choose a well-written code.

In this post, we are going to go more in-depth about the programming languages of a game as well as provide tips so you can create amazing high-quality video games. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

Coding a game: What does it mean?

Game coding is the process of making a video game come into reality. From a visionary and ambitious project to a game that is functional and playable for users. It is about using programming languages such as C++, Java or Python to create from graphics, animations  and sound to all the tools and features of a video game.

It must be noted that coding involves technical knowledge, strong computer skills and mathematical proficiency. Each line of code has to be written in a particular way so it can function properly. Therefore, one of the required skills needed when coding a game is attention to detail. Also, being able to think analytically to overcome obstacles that involve the game integrations, graphics, sounds, etc.

Normally, when the project is more complex, it often requires a group of programmers with different specializations (sound effects coding skills, animation coding skills, etc. ) to work together so the task becomes easier.

Video game coding: Types of games you can code

You can code from console games, including consoles such as Nintendo, Xbox or Playstation, to computer and mobile games either for Android or iOS. 

Nowadays, mobile gaming is becoming more popular than PC or console games because of its easy accessibility. The increase of number of mobile users and the constant advances of the mobiles themselves, offers enhanced systems and screens to boost the graphics and the overall user experience.

Popular games and their programming codes are the following:

  • Mobile games:  Pokemon Go is made with the UNITY programming language. CandyCrush is written with Java codes.
  • PC games: Minecraft made with Java programming language and Read Dead Redemption made with C++ codes.
  •  Console games: FIFA and God of War written with C++ and Call of Duty written in C++, C and Python

How to game code? Best coding languages for games

Having learned about the different types of video games that you can code, selecting the coding language will depend on various things:

  • The level of interaction you want to achieve
  • The device where the game is going to be used to play.
  • The desired responsiveness.

Also, it is worth mentioning that more than one coding language can be used if the complexity of the game development is high. 

Some of the coding languages for games are the following: 


The cross-platform flexibility that Python offers make this coding program powerful. Also, it offers its users its ‘Pygame’ framework which allows the creation of video games prototypes that function on all platforms and operating systems easily and more quickly. 


Working on this coding program could be more challenging for beginners than it could be using Python. However, it is one of the most popular programs when it comes to AAA rating video games and those that are used for Xbox and Playstation. It allows programmers to have more control over the hardware, memory and graphics and its code language is compatible with almost all game engines.


This coding program stands out for being easy and quick to learn, suitable for beginners and small independent projects. Also, it is compatible with more complex coding languages and it is also used for apps and image processing 


It is similar to the C++ coding program. Its main advantage is its versatility because it can be used on all platforms and offers a large number of frameworks and open-source modes. Also, the model can be upgraded frequently making it more competitive against other new technologies that arrive in the market. An example of a game created under this coding language is Minecraft. 


This coding program is influenced by Java and it is the most widely used when it comes to web-based games. It is also commonly used for online games with multiple frameworks that serve to create 3D programs.

How to learn to code games? Tips and resources

  • Develop a solid plan: Creating a game from scratch is not an easy task, it involves time and effort. Thus, setting a goal, organizing your time and having SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Based) will be the pillars for making the game of your dreams come into reality.
  • Choose the game engine: Having a game engine will save you time as you will not need to script for each game you want to develop. This allows a more smooth development time. Some game engines to highlight are: Unreal Engine (Fortnite Battle Royale), CryEngine (Far Cry), Unity (it created games like Pokemon Go), Amazon Lumberyard (it is integrated directly with the social media platform Twitch)
  • Dominate a coding language: Once you have the game engine, you can choose the coding language. For example, if you choose Unreal Engine you will need the language C++. Learning a coding language in depth will allow you to make the process easier, reach your expectations and overcome all the programming obstacles that can arise. 
  • Keep learning: The coding journey involves trying, failing and trying again. For that, there are tutorials and workshops that the same programming languages offer to its users. Even video games that teach you programming concepts in a more visual and interactive way, through puzzles and the accomplishment of different tasks. For example, these games Human Resource Machine, Hack ‘n’ Slash, and CodeCombat,

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