How to build your NFT investment strategy for 2022

2022 is shown as the year of opening to huge strategies where you can create your NFT investment and propose it to the different markets. Each person or company can draw their investment strategy, taking into consideration tastes, knowledge, and experience. Let’s go over this point with some definitions.

Previous considerations for an NFT investment

Understanding an NFT investment requires an understanding of the legal world that are fungible things and non-fungible things. Fungible represents what we can exchange. Fungible objects represent a value based on their characteristics such as quantity, measure, or weight. On the other hand, something non-fungible is something that cannot be replaced.

A classic example of something fungible is money. A 50-cent coin is fungible because you can exchange it for another 50-cent coin. When making this exchange, the currency does not lose value, being the same, in addition, it ends up being consumed when you use it to pay.

Now, an example of something non-expendable could be an art painting, because a painting in your house is not consumable when you use it. Also, you can’t replace it with another painting because artistic works are not equivalent to others, therefore, you cannot exchange it like a currency.

What are NFTs?

Let’s try to get away from some technicalities, and say that NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. That is, a non-fungible token, which cannot be exchanged. Tokens are a way of calling a model or type of business, in our case, cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology.

NFTs are very closely associated with cryptocurrencies, from their technological point of view, but they are opposites because a Bitcoin is something fungible, you can exchange it. In contrast, an NFT is something non-fungible, due to its conceptual essence, and in the end, we have two sides of a coin, which are completely different.

Building an NFT investment strategy for 2022

Now you know about it, we can move on to the topic at hand: an NFT investment. Lets review some ideas and suggestions from NFT experts. This type of investment can be somewhat complex at first, but it is becoming quite popular among simple users and large companies.

The rise of this technology is such that giant firms such as Puma.eth, Coca-Cola, and even the Barcelona Football Club are betting on this investment in the future. A Hiscox report, entitled Online Art Trade Report 2021, indicates that 14% of online art platforms offer NFT.

In addition, 38% plan to do so while they complete the adaptation of platforms and other technical details, having sold more than 3.4 million dollars.

The NFT investment that best suits your interests

When talking about investors related to the blockchain, we think of traders, a “hobby” or very short-term investment, and it requires nerves of steel. But if we talk about art NFTs, it is logical to think of a revaluation over time, because it is the most common in the art.

Therefore, before deciding to invest in NFTs, we suggest:

  • Read a lot, research with experts.
  • You must understand in-depth what this market consists of.
  • You have to choose the best platform to buy and sell your NFTs.

Many platforms offer this service, do not spare time to investigate. However, among the most popular are Opensea, Rarible, Sorare, Minthana. It is also important to analyze in detail what you want to invest in.

You must identify with the project, look at who is supporting it, what you like, its developers, how is its community, and what interest it generates.

Also, think about how long you want to hold the NFT. Part of a good strategy on these crypto assets is whether they can appreciate over time.

It is also important to review your listing or price history. If you have current offers for the NFT, review and request information about its creator, there must be a history to know its origin.

In general, and in specific cases such as Opensea, it allows you to directly offer or buy the NFT for the published price. 

Other NFT investment models

In such a changing world, with technology doing extraordinary things, of course, there are other NFT investment models where you can make money. If what you want is to invest for 2022, a range of business types unfolds when the imagination is the limit. Will you be able to do it:

  • Becoming an NFT artist.
  • Creating and uploading your exclusive creations.
  • As an accomplished developer of NFT-based projects.

Many people are becoming millionaires with things that they never thought would be so much worth. such as the first tweet “posted” on the social network. “Just setting up my twttr”. Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter, published it in 2006, the price of it as NFT was almost 3 million dollars.

Rock band Kings of Leon converted an album to NFT and sold it. They becomed the first members of a musical band to do it. The Barcelona Fútbol Club, associated with the platform specialized in NFT Ownix, sells its fans unique content from its more than 100 years of history.

They simply selected the moments that they considered most outstanding in their history. They turned them into collectible crypto assets but unique NFTs.

The film industry made NFTs with certain quite expensive files. As an examlpe, the unique representation of the car from the movie “Back to the Future”. Also, the “Ghostbusters” logo, an NFT of the “Star Trek” spaceship. But the highlight are some objects used by “James Bond”.

NFTs will change many things in 2022

Certainly, NFTs will change the way experts approach digital marketing because companies large and small are creating their own NFTs. These are already being used as marketing tools, allowing access to many more people, with their creations, promotions, and sales of art.

 As we are seeing in the crypto world more recently, the blockchain is a technology that is changing the ways of doing business, companies, and people. It is a fact that you can save money doing business with cryptocurrencies instead of using traditional fiat money, the issuance of which only causes more inflation.

Another opportunity for companies and individuals is that with NFTs you can operate without having a physical store. The fact operating online is something that reduces operating costs. If you want to earn income from NFT through an excellent platform, do not forget to visit our website. You will have access to the wide world of NFT.