The new digital trend of NFT Games

NFT games have changed and completely transformed the traditional gaming experience. Applying the new and revolutionizing blockchain technology to games is allowing to establish a user-driven gaming economy. This ensures that the time and effort of players are put into good use and could be considered an investment because they can earn passive income. Learn about why the trend of NFT games is happening in the gaming industry. 

NFT Game Trends

Along with the increasing popularity of NFT games among the public, game developers are also creating their own platforms based on NFT gaming worlds. This has been a great opportunity for both parties. On the one hand, players can generate money using their in-game assets and collectibles. On the other hand, game developers can enhance their creativity, creating exclusive, unique, and immersive virtual worlds so people can enjoy them. 

So, we could say that P2E games have changed the gaming industry and the increasing popularity could be associated with various reasons like the following.

Rewards in the game

The most apparent and valued advantage of NFT games is the fact that gamers can earn money while doing what they like most, play. NFT games, also known as play-to-earn games or P2E for short, allow the creation of an immersive and rewarding environment for gamers. These rewards can be generated in the form of crypto assets like NFTs, Bitcoin, Eth, tokens, etc. 

Each game is going to have its own mechanics and set of rewards, dictating how players can have access to these benefits. For instance, some play-to-earn games like Elemental Raiders by Games for a Living also offer their players to attend special events and tournaments where they can earn extra and valuable tokens. 

This is why it is important for players to choose a game that matches their playstyle and game preferences (action, battles, crafting, strategy, etc.) and find information about how rewards can be earned. Not all rewards and mechanics of earning them are going to be the same for all games, so ask yourself ‘’How long does it take to earn a reward? How difficult is it? Will I enjoy playing it?’’ are things to consider so you can maximize your earnings. 

Exclusive content

Gamers have the opportunity to gain actual ownership of their in-game assets, assets that are minted as NFTs on the blockchain. So, in the NFT game context, players can create, trade, or sell for profit assets that in traditional games are only allowed to be used within the game. We are talking about characters, weapons, virtual land, skins, in-game currency, etc. 

The more creative and exclusive these assets and collectibles are, the more valuable. Their value will depend on their ownership, future value, perception of the buyer, utility, and liquidity. But you must consider that unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Non-fungible tokens cannot be broken into smaller units because they are unique pieces of data that are limited in number and rare. Can the artwork be copied? It can, like traditional paintings and any content that circulates over the internet. However, each artwork has a digital certificate that certifies its authenticity and credibility, and that makes it exclusive and valuable.

Blockchain Technology on NFT Games

The trend of NFT games also is due to the advancements in blockchain technology. A technology that even though it is relatively new, is changing the traditional norm of things. In particular, we can highlight two main points. 

Constant improvements

Blockchain technology is relatively new and it is in constant development. Nowadays, there is a growing number of industries (like the gaming industry) that view this technology as a valuable element to consider when thinking about the future. Even if this means that the appliance of blockchain technology will completely change the traditional way of function.

Improvements are in place as there are more blockchain developers, industries, and companies applying this technology to their operations, and people becoming more interested in taking advantage of its benefits. 

So, even though there is still a long way to shift from the traditional way of doing things to having blockchain technology as the center of our everyday lives, the potential is there. A possibility that is every day becoming more prominent. 

Payments are safer and faster

In order to understand the role of blockchain technology in payments, first, you must understand what blockchain is. It could be defined as a peer-to-peer network of nodes (computers) that monitor and participate in the transfers of assets. It removes the need for a centralized third party, making it more reliable, secure, and faster. In a traditional financing system where financial crises and banking scandals are in place, blockchain technology becomes a preferable alternative. 

All the money transfers on Blockchain are accessible by all public, so any modifications can be monitored at any time by anyone. This adds security, making it immutable and tamper-proof.

As play-to-earn games are based on blockchain technology when players earn digital assets these are stored and traded on the blockchain. So any transaction that is made on this platform is safe and efficient. 

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