Security, accessibility, and unity: all in one.

GFAL ID aims to enhance gaming experiences within our ecosystem, ensuring they are effortlessly seamless, convenient, and thoroughly enjoyable for all users.

With GFAL ID, you won’t need to create multiple accounts, guaranteeing the safety of your game progress and sparing you the trouble of managing numerous accounts across different platforms.

Let’s dive deep into the key benefits that GFAL ID will offer:

Keep Your Gaming Progress Secure and Uninterrupted

Switching, losing, or reinstalling devices? Your account remains secure and accessible with GFAL ID. Life gets busy, but your gaming progress doesn’t have to suffer. With GFAL ID you can effortlessly pick up right where you left off.

Simplify Your Gaming Experience

Envision a unified gaming experience where you can seamlessly connect all your GFAL games to a single GFAL ID. By creating an ID, you’ll enjoy a streamlined gaming experience across our entire ecosystem.

Play, Connect, and Foster a Vibrant Community

Connecting with fellow gamers is an integral part of the gaming experience. Soon, GFAL ID will empower you to find and connect with other players and friends. The friends you make in one GFAL ID game will be visible in other GFAL ID games they play, fostering a vibrant and connected community.

Take Your Game Progress To The Next Level

Your GFAL ID holds the key to unlocking our marketplace, where you will effortlessly be able to trade, buy, and sell assets from all games within the GFAL ecosystem. With GFAL ID, managing your virtual assets becomes a seamless and enjoyable part of your gaming journey.

Create a GFAL ID Account

Setting up a GFAL ID is super easy. Follow these steps to have your account set up and ready to go!

Are you playing on mobile, Steam, or Elixir without an Elemental Raiders account? Navigate to your game’s settings, locate the “GFAL ID” button, and follow the registration process. The GFAL ID you create will be linked to your current game progress!

Do you already have an Elemental Raiders account? You’re all set. We’ve made all Elemental Raiders accounts compatible with your GFAL ID.