GameFi White Paper: What is it?

The continuous growth of blockchain technology and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has allowed new crypto projects to enter the blockchain market. If you are a game developer or a gamer looking into crypto games to generate passive money, you probably have crossed with at least one GameFi white paper. 

In order to allow you to have full knowledge about this term in crypto, in this article, you will learn about white papers made for blockchain games and an overview of what content you can find inside these technical documents. 

Blockchain games: What is a white paper?

A white paper in GameFi is a document created by the developers of the game that contains detailed information about the technology used and the purpose of the creation of the project. It is valuable information to investors as it provides them an idea of how the cryptocurrency was conceived. 

The solution to a problem

When it comes to crypto investment, the least you would like to do is invest in NFTs like you would do in the lottery. Step away from blind speculations and make informed decisions instead. This is what GameFi white papers are all about and why it is important to read them carefully. 

They are one of the first documents publicly available to you about the crypto project they are aiming to fund. Even if you are not a technical expert, it will allow you to draw reliable conclusions from the information given. This will allow you to identify profitable and exciting crypto projects and make more reliable investment decisions. 

What does the GameFi white paper contain?

In a white paper, there is different and relevant information provided about the crypto projects. Some of the sections covered are the following. 

The introduction of the project

In the introduction of the project, it will be provided information such as the problem the project intends to solve and the steps developers will follow to achieve this. It also will include a description of the project and a market analysis to show the potential of this project and how it fits into the existing GameFI market.  


This section will provide financial expectations, graphics, and predictions. It is a section that aims to justify why the project requires funding and how and when it will distribute this investment to generate profit for all parties. Information that can be included in this section is the number of tokens intended to be issued during the ICO.

Technical description

This section will explain all the technical aspects of the project such as the programming language that it is going to be used.

Road map

It will include a systematic scenario for implementing a project on an ICO. On this roadmap, also will be provided detailed timeline expectations of the project for the near future and the present status of the project. For instance, it can specify the following points:

  • The date when the sales will start or when the token is going to be launched.
  • A detailed schedule of all stages that the project aims to accomplish.
  • Provide financial components of each stage.
  • Critical periods of development.  

The more specifications this roadmap contains, the more competence and foresight can indicate. 

Token information and the considered marketplace

The white paper will include specifications about the crypto tokens that are going to be used on the game, the platform where they are going to be placed as well as detailed information about what will happen if the ICO does not reach the funding expectations. 

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