Enjinstarter Partnership

We are excited to announce that Games For A Living has entered into a strategic partnership with Enjinstarter in an initial dex offering (IDO) agreement. This partnership, worth $100,000 USD, will focus on providing quality Web3 games to the masses.

Built on JumpNet, Enjinstarter’s core focus lies on Metaverse, GameFi, NFTs and music, while Games for a Living aims to capitalise on developers and creators within the Web3 gaming industry to build communities, games and more!

As an IDO partner for Games for a Living, Enjinstarter will work closely with us ahead of our initial game offering on 20–02-2023 as well as the Play-to-Earn launch of our flagship game, Elemental Raiders, which is already live as Free-To-Play on Steam. The partnership aims to promote the many utilities that Games for a Living has to offer to onboard games developers to the blockchain with no difficulty. Additionally, Enjinstarter will also be working closely with our team and all the games under our umbrella.

At Games for a Living, our core focus lies in developing a suite of services and offerings for blockchain games, with plug and deploy models integrated into game engines easing game studios’ developer pipelines. Our vision is to drive mass adoption of blockchain gaming by building an infrastructure that game developers can use at no added cost so they can offer true ownership of assets to their players. And through the creation of games that showcase the infrastructure, we believe that blockchain games will drive greater engagement with users and will be the biggest revolution in gaming since the introduction of free-to-play models.

Things you should know:

About Enjinstarter: Enjinstarter is a launchpad interested in providing support for blockchain games, NFTs, Metaverse. Their native token is $EJS and is also interested in facilitating the growth and development of Enjin and its Efinity blockchain. To achieve exponential growth, Enjinstarter makes use of a multi-level approach taking three steps:

  • A stakeholder committee is working closely with top ecosystem builders like Kangaroo Capital, etc. Interestingly, this stakeholder network will be made up of companies in the Enjinstarter private investment round.
  • $EJS will also launch an Elite scouts program. The program will be launched to identify and onboard promising projects.
  • Lastly, the $EJS token will facilitate the introduction of gaming incentives. This, in turn, will boost community engagement and awareness for the project.

We are excited to embark on this journey with Enjinstarter and believe that this partnership will greatly benefit both our companies and the gaming industry as a whole.