How to earn NFT rewards? What is an nft reward token?

In recent years, NFTs have experienced buzz and hype from people in the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. And, this trend is set to keep increasing in the years ahead. These digital representations of art and collectibles are profitable, as they are unique, exchangeable, and valuable. But, there are different ways to benefit from them. In this article, we are going to explore the main ways you can earn rewards from NFTs, and an overview of our own native token so you can start earning money playing our games!

Main ways to earn rewards with NFTs

If you are not sure how to make money and gain rewards with NFTs, you must learn some approaches that you can follow to produce a great chance to generate profit. 


‘’Staking’’ is about locking up an NFT collection in a pool and getting rewards and other benefits from the staking platform (or protocol). These staking platforms are decentralized finance platforms (DeFi), an alternative peer-to-peer system that does not require third-party agents such as banks. This is a passive way to earn income that does not require having to sell or lose NFTs.This way, NFT collectors can maintain their ownership over the non-fungible tokens while earning income from their NFT collections. 

Taking the traditional finance system as a reference, staking could be compared to the interest earnings that banks offer to their clients for saving their money in their accounts. However, being on DeFi means there will not be a middleman managing the transactions nor taking a cut.


There is another way to earn rewards with NFTs – treating them like stocks. Some entrepreneurs and investors buy and sell Non-fungible tokens to gain money from this trade. However, this is a practice to obtain capital gains in the long run instead of getting in and out of the market in a faster way. It requires investors to have market knowledge as profit will come from purchasing undervalued NFTs. But also, patience as they will need to sell them at the right time. 

For experienced investors, this is the most preferred option as it can result in exponential capital gains even though it involves high risks. For instance, the NFT collector Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile sold a Beeple NFT for almost 1,000 times its original price. 

Playing crypto-games

This is another passive way to earn money but more entertainingly through play-to-earn NFT games. In the gaming market, there are NFT games that allow players to gain rewards through their skilled gameplay. These rewards can be tokens, NFTs, or other benefits that are collected inside the game and they can also be spent on in-game items or exchanged for crypto.

This is a popular approach to earning money as there are numerous NFT games with different metaverses that serve the needs and interests of different game players. Some of these games may require an initial investment to start playing while others can be played for free. Either way, they can offer what traditional video games cannot – reward players for their efforts and time invested in the game.


Earn NFT rewards with our token: $GGT

In Games for a Living we have our own native token that we have called Game Gold Token ($GFAL), based on the decentralized platform Ethereum. Players can pay for products and services using $GFAL or use our tokens to cash them in/out for FIAT using the Marketplace. If you decide to save them, you will also earn rewards such as lower commissions or earning higher interest rates, among other benefits. Additionally, as a Game Gold Token holder, you will gain the opportunity to contribute to decisions about the token and the platform as you will become part of the Games for a Living community. 

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