Best Books on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The best books on cryptocurrency give you a clear idea of what they represent, and understand this complex world. It is not a secret, currently, cryptocurrencies are a very important resource if you want to get extra money and can be efficient.

They are effective because they can even give you constant income, even if you have already stopped working. But something very important to take into account is to develop a great investment plan and for this, you must know the most basic terms. From the basics of bitcoins to smart contracts and blockchain technology, everything should be covered about these digital assets.  

In this way, we will recommend some books with which you can start or reinforce all that essential knowledge. Books with some history, technical data and above all great important tips if you want to thrive in the world of smart finance.

Best Books on Cryptocurrency: The Best Way to Learn Blockchain and Crypto

When we talk about the best books on cryptocurrencies, we are referring to those who possess the best information. Books are incredibly important as a knowledge base because in them we will learn all the theories that will be our basis

If you want to venture into this technological world, you must know a wide variety of terms. These books can help you quickly. Unlike other cases, learning practically about cryptocurrencies from the beginning is crazy, plus you would be risking your investments

A book can always be on hand, and it can become your best friend and advisor when it comes to investing and the future of money. 

What are the best books on cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

In the following books, you will find the best way to learn about blockchain and understand cryptocurrencies, as well as the world of smart investments. 

Best Cryptocurrency Books for Beginners

If you want to start your journey with cryptocurrencies, we will first tell you which are those books that focus more on beginners. Starting with: 

  • Internet of Money – Andreas Antonopoulos

If you want to start, do it from the beginning. You will learn a little about the history of money and its evolution to the point of crypto investments. It is a compilation of eleven topics about Bitcoin and is quite didactic. 

The best thing is that to start is perfect, but you can also read it if you already know about the subject. The terms in this book are explained in a simple and didactic way, making their understanding easy.

This is a book especially dedicated to those who are afraid to take the decisive step in cryptocurrency investment. Aditionally as helping to dispel different doubts about bitcoins and blockchains.

  • Cryptocurrencies for dummies – Carlos Callejo

To understand cryptocurrencies, you must start with the basics and this book will help you with that. A very popular book due to its clarity and easy understanding of its content, which ranges from concepts about the blockchain and also covers the terminology of the Bitcoin network.   

It explains important concepts for the understanding of this world. The history of money is not lacking, cryptocurrencies, the different types of these and even the investment process provide vital information about crypto assets. Certainly, it is one of the best cryptocurrency books

  • How to DEFI – Various authors

If you have already started your way in this crypto world, but want to go further, up to DEFI (Decentralized Finance), this book represents a very practical basis for this. It is a book elaborated by great characters within the world of cryptos and the subject to be treated is quite rich and interesting.

In addition to being practical, it is quite simple because each theory explained has a tutorial. Unlike others, this one covers much more material in case you want to deepen the topics covered.

  • Trading in the Area – Mark Douglas

Maybe you have heard about the “psychology of trading“, a term that in this book you can explore more clearly. The most successful traders have certain characteristics, which you must aspire to have favorable investments; this is what this book talks about, that state of mind called “the Zone”. 

It is usual that, as a beginner, you worry about risks and many other things, and with this book, you can dispel that cloud of doubts. The success of this book is because its content is much broader than other similar ones and it gives its readers certain techniques or advice.

The road to “the Zone” can be quite hard, but this one will help you smooth and understand everything about it. It’s perfect for those who care about mental health, which is very important in this business, and for smart investors. 

Blockchain Books for Developers

Now, let’s talk about those blockchain books intended for developers. 

  • Blockchain: The Internet Industrial Revolution – Alex Preukschat

The first and most essential thing that a developer interested in a digital currency like  blockchain should know is what they are, what their types are, and their different characteristics. But this book does not stop there, because it also covers the subject of technology and its security

The futuristic vision of this book is unique. You will learn about its history, hacks and different types of things that in another book you will not see. It is easy to understand, hence it is perfect for those who do not know much about the blockchain and begin to learn from it.

  • Mastering Bitcoin – Andreas Antonopoulos

On the same hand the author of “Internet of Money”. In this book explains things in a much more technical way regarding Bitcoin

We refer to the operation of the wallets, the blockchain itself, keys, and different commands that are very useful. It also explains the creation of software to work with cryptocurrencies and the security of transactions with Bitcoin.

It is a very complete guide to bitcoin and technical book. On this book you find different graphics to facilitate understanding along with real examples. If you are a programmer, then this may be the best book you can read in this area. 

  • Satoshi’s Book – Phil Champagne

Going a little further back, the blockchain and Bitcoin technology was created by someone calling himself “Satoshi Nakamoto”. To be clear, this book does not focus so much on the blockchain, but on relevant information about the development process of Bitcoin.

Emails, different photos in which Satoshi had discussions about this one, so it could prove quite useful as a developer.

Another book worth mentioning before closing is “The Blockchain Developer“, by Elad Elrom. Here, you can learn to apply this technology beyond common finances and the information it provides will help you use this technology much more intelligently. 

We hope that this list of the best cryptocurrency books and the recommendation for blockchain developers will be quite useful to you.