About Us

Games for a Living (GFAL) is a pioneering video game development and publishing studio, forged by seasoned industry experts.

Established in 2021, our core team includes Manel Sort, former First Vice President at Activision Blizzard King; Trip Hawkins, founder and former CEO of both Electronic Arts and Digital Chocolate; Emmy Award Nominee Javier León as Art Director; Christian Gascons; and Marc Tormo, both with backgrounds at Blizzard Entertainment. With this rock-solid foundation, we passionately craft cutting-edge games that inspire and captivate players across generations through immersive experiences.


Manel Sort
Manel Sort


Trip Hawkins
Trip Hawkins


Javier Leon
Javier Leon

Art director

Christian Gascons
Christian Gascons


Marc Tormo
Marc Tormo


Ferran Oltra

Game Designer

Roger Ruiz

Game Designer

Samuel Alarcón

Software Engineer

Miquel Miró

Software Engineer

Carlos Falguera

Software Engineer

Lorenzo Sabater

Software Engineer

Guillem Perez

Software Engineer

Marc Camarillas Parés

Junior Software Engineer

Pau Val Tubau

Software Engineer

Danny Vogel

Front End Developer

Nacho Galcerán

Project Manager

Anna Sort

Product Manager

Victor Casellas

Marketing Director

Alex Vives

Community Manager

Adrià Mir

Head of Partnerships & Esports

Sergio Calabuig

Customer Support & Content Creator

Eduard Cortés

Senior 3D Artist

Albert Casanelles

Senior UI Artist & Generalist

Alejandro Albano

Concept Artist

Eduard Gállego

Junior 3D Artist

Ignacio Gaig

Head of Finance

Judit Rodriguez

Financial Controller

Filipe Malaquias

QA Manager

Jordi Biosca

Web Designer


Carlos Blanco

Finance Business Partner

Ernest Sanchez

Finance Business Partner

Christophe Canler

Head of Compliance

Josep Lladó

Music Producer & Sound Designer

Mireia Aleu


Alejandro Gomez


Alvaro Vives

Independent Advisor

Pol Colomer

Data Scientist

Adrian Davidescu

UA Marketing Director

Career Opportunities

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At Games for a Living we believe that good people do good work. We are building a team of talented and passionate individuals with the skills, experience and attitude needed to spearhead the blockchain revolution. Want to join us?

We’re committed to creating an exciting company that provides learning and growth opportunities for all team members, while offering a welcoming and diverse environment that supports each individual so they can become their best selves.

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